We pride ourselves on providing reliable, reasonably priced energy in an environmentally responsible manner for customers and the communities we serve; operating safely; nurturing a talented workforce; and maintaining financial strength.
Ameren is transitioning to cleaner energy, but this must be done in a way that does not compromise energy reliability. Renewables such as wind and solar are intermittent. That means the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. So it takes a diverse generation fleet with dependable “baseload” capacity to meet our customers' needs, year round.
Adding renewable generation also can put pressure on rates. There are costs associated with planning, permitting and building new energy centers, along with the transmission infrastructure required to carry that power to cities and towns. Ameren is already investing significant capital to meet or exceed increasingly stringent environmental regulations. (This, too, impacts rates.)
Did you know Ameren's ability to earn a fair profit enables us to make service enhancements for customers, pay a dividend and support our communities? That's why we are committed to environmental and financial stewardship, including controlling costs. Shareholders make our business model work, to the benefit of customers. Shareholders provide much-needed capital so we can upgrade infrastructure across a 64,000-square-mile area.
Customers count on us, 24/7. Therefore, we strive to attract the best-qualified candidates, remain a preferred employer and keep up with workforce development training to keep our core business strong. We're preparing for a digital transformation; this will require strategic investments to ensure co-workers are taking full advantage of technology for the benefit of customers and shareholders.
Now that you've learned a few of the ways in which Ameren works to achieve balance, we'd like to know what's important to you. Click the button above to provide feedback. Your response will help us continue to create a more meaningful social responsibility experience for all stakeholders.